April 11, 2021

Reverse angle parking


Back-in angle parking combines the benefits of angle parking with those of bcak-in parking.

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I've previously advocated for angled parking spots rather than ones at 90 degrees (Hospital Entrances & The Patient Experience - May 10, 2016).

This post discusses a relatively new parking spot design that combines my recent obsession with back-in parking with the previous benefits of angled parking: it's called back-in angle parking or reverse angle parking.

Review the image below to see how this type of parking works. The video happens to also be from my hometown of Winnipeg.

I was curious to see the space difference required for 90-degree parking layouts vs angled parking. This parking plan demonstrates that 60-degree angled parking with a one-way driving aisle requires only slightly more space than the regular 90-degree layout.

Graphic from https://www.nationwideconsultingllc.com/parking-space-design/




Geotab: Why reverse parking is safer

Debate.org: Reverse-angle parking is better than head-in angled parking on streets

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